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This project was about building a medical platform (fully designed and programmed) for an healthcare entrepreneur in Seattle.

The project also included an advertising module on the platform, scheduling tool, ability to access/ print/download Screeners and other reports directly from the website.

We had to leverage outstanding IT Architecture, Cloud Infrastructure, in-depth knowledge of the healthcare sector, web advertising (Google Adwords packages and DoubleClick modules that will best fit the client's goals).

For Cloud (that is the external storage for all patient records that had to be easy and accessible via the platform site) we recommended Amazon Web Service Solution. For the back-end (Content Management System, Control Pannel or Dashboard of the Application) we suggested Laravel Php Framework.

For front-end (How the Landing Page and the rest of the site pages are going to look like and what technologies will be used there) we selected Angular JS (JavaScript). In order to increase the security of the database (MySQL) we chose to install AES 256k encryption.

Previous experience in the healthcare software. Strong IT Architecture skills. Flexible and adaptable team that could stop, re-engineer what was missing, regroup and continue building the platform using the new information data.

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