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Dominic Bernacchi

Pet Gorilla, Los Angeles

"These guys are excellent. Their communication and development abilities are top-notch, and their attention to detail along the process of development is even better. It's not easy to find people who can take a project and run with it, and with their personality and professionalism, there is no need to look much farther"
"True professionals. They took the necessary time to understand my project and presented me with several viable paths for moving forward. They answered all my questions and I plan to use them over and over again."

Roberto Arisi

Arising Tech, Italy

Gray Scott

Serious Wonder
New York

"It was nice to work with IFTHENWOW. They have a lot of multi-disciplinary skills and experience integrating IT projects across many industries. My IT initiative was done on time, on budget, and it became an immediate success within the organization and beyond."

Chris Nutbeen

Nuttifox, UK

"Another faultless experience working with these guys. The quality of their work is always first class, and always completed in good time. Highly recommend. I continue to be impressed with the skill, speed and service that is delivered."
"Brilliant decision to work with this team. Not only did they perform really well, but they also spoke their mind and helped me refine my product by asking a lot of the hard questions about my healthcare platform (psychiatric clinic) and providing great insights on how some technology hurdles could be overcome."

Name withheld per HIPAA

Seattle, WA

Jarrod Williams

Lexington, KY

"Guys at IFTHENWOW are hardworking individuals and true professionals. They were dedicated and delivered my IT project as expected. I will be working with them for future projects for sure.
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