Team-building taken to new heights with
Skype on Xbox One

This front-end website project included various complex animations while keeping adjustments to the back-end to a minimum. We were again brought on-board by marketing production firm PetGorilla to write the code, design the experience and innovate when it came to the animations. The site itself was part of an internal corporate event; its purpose was to create impact and excitement while reinforcing and celebrating workplace camaraderie.

Our approach was to first fully understand the project's objectives and constraints and then to proceed on an Agile basis, maintaining clear progress communication with the clients throughout. Unlike many design teams who lack the talent and experience when it comes to User Experience (sorry, India, sorry most outsourced, overseas programming teams), IFTHENWOW's unique dual-office model and the quality of our talent enables us to produce stylish designs and animations that reflect more of a modern, refined, American aesthetic.

The website and gaming event were warmly received by the end-client's employees and project owners and by our production company client/friends in Los Angeles.

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