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Please enjoy some of our most outstanding case studies. Should you have any questions regarding our stateside service and software architecture or our extensive, round-the-clock technical programming capabilities, give us a call.

The project involved the ability to remotely measure vehicle exhaust utilizing lasers and to integrate that information with a license plate recognition system for proper vehicle attribution. To bypass a laboratory-based approach and support the company's development of the product, our work required a cloud database, front-end development and back-end development.

Splitting the project into six programming milestones, we worked with the client to increase our own knowledge of molecular gases and to properly analyze the project requirements.

Specifications included the need to receive data from analyzers deployed across the United States, the ability to tie into end-customers' specific databases for data delivery, keyboard interaction between master and detail pages, clean layouts across all browsers and the ability to quickly search specifically amongst a vast amount of data using text searching techniques.

The need for information to be uploaded and available remotely led us to the cloud and an HTML5 website, the need to assemble various pieces of information arriving asynchronously led us, in part, to an Nginx server. We built the database in MySQL and used Eloquent ORM from Laravel. We used Twitter bootstrap for our UI kit and used Angular javascript for the remainder of the front-end framework.

The ability to output segments of the data in Excel format necessitated the use of PHPOffice's PHPExcel. A scalable solution such as the one devised and implemented required solid IT architecture skills, a good knowledge of Cloud, especially via Amazon's Web Services, a capable on-site technology consultant to assess clients needs and understand their infrastructure, as well as keep abreast of progress and direct the programming team.

The end-result: a scalable, robust application the client could begin using right away, with the Cloud enabling operators to load data and engineers to review live data from ongoing work, and clients able to log-in and see the fields they needed, based upon varying degrees of granted permission.

With the client sufficiently impressed with the sophistication and speed of our work and the friendly way we surmounted project obstacles, IFTHENWOW was later asked not only to further develop the application, but to also support with some of the data processing on top of the software piece.

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