Making quick work of a complex
database-driven e-commerce

Our client wanted to create a website experience that transcended the standard e-commerce site. They wanted a 360° platform wherein suppliers, manufacturers, customers and bloggers could both communicate and transact in an environment wherein organic certification would be assured.

They had tried working with other development companies, all of whom failed to: 1) arrive at a database design that would allow for fast query responses, and 2) design for fluidity on the massive platform to enable both a positive user experience as well as an ability to grow the site's offerings in-house.

Responsible for both the front-end and the back-end, IFTHEN WOW identified the areas where design was in competition with functionality and guided Earnest Shopper to a hybrid database solution (combining the standard MySQL database with a NoSQL database, which uses semi-automated search queries) to vastly accelerate the response time. We used Laravel php to program the rest of the backend and angular.js for the front-end.

Only the most advanced software architect and the most flexible and experienced design team could have safely landed such a difficult project. With the robust platform in place, and with positive feedback from all of their vertical markets, the company gained the confidence they needed in us to sign up for long-term service and support.

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